Monday, May 15, 2006

Galway Gals

Galway is called the City of the Tribes, because at one time, there were almost a dozen families that formed an oligarchy in the city. Family names like Eyre, Lynch, Joyce.. these names can still be seen all over the city on Pubs, on statues and monuments, street names, and the like.

Our B&B is located on the very top floor of a restaurant. It's nestled right next to the main funky cobblestone streets of Galway city. You enter a purple door just off Mary street, and climb three steep staircases to get to room #3. It's a tiny little room, with two single beds, and an attached bathroom (luckily!). We are so downtown that Sue had difficulties sleeping last night because we had some rowdy revellers drunkenly singing "Tipperary" on their way home from the clubs and pubs last night.

It's been raining pretty steadily since we arrived here. There's a constant spitting (as they describe it) and once and awhile the skies open for the real shower. Kind of icky dreary weather, but it doesn't stop us from exploring and smiling.

We spent the entire day walking around exploring the city of Galway. We poked in every little knick knacky shop, artisans' craft store, funky clothing and accessory place. We found a museum, one about the origin and history of the Claddagh ring (symbolic of friendship, love, and unity) and a beautiful 3 storey art gallery, complete with live cellist. We saw the Spanish arches, which were remains from the days when Ireland used to trade extensively with Spain. We saw St. Nicholas cathedral - a gorgeous old church in the middle of town.

There were some very funny tombstone epitaphs that we read and took pictures of. Here's one "His death was occasioned by his Top having fallen from him and in stooping to regain it a Car rolled on him in the street."

We also saw an old castle from the Lynch family in the heart of the city that has been converted into a bank.

We are heading to a pub shortly to indulge in some afternoon reading and journaling. As they say in Ireland, it doesn't rain in the pubs!

Be well!
Lisa & Sue


At 4:31 PM, Blogger CC in Sunny CA said...

Love your descriptions gals! Makes it easy to imagine being there with you! Glad you're having a great time, and with any luck you'll find a sunny day or few soon!

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