Monday, May 22, 2006

County-Hopping to Wicklow

When we were in Cork a couple of evenings ago, over a delicious Thai dinner and a bottle of Singha beer, Sue and I reflected that we've been on the move a fair amount during this trip. We figured in the last five days, we spent a night in 5 different cities - Doolin to Kilorglin to Killarney to Cork to County Wicklow.

We both felt a wee bit fatigued, and decided to try something new. We decided we'd head to County Wicklow, find ourselves a lovely B&B tucked away in the mountains somwhere, and plant ourselves there for the rest of the trip (except for 2 days that we are setting aside to explore Dublin!).

The idea of staying in one place, having the opportunity to go hiking, take little excursions, and go exploring, without having to pack up our entire belongings and lug them to another unknown city, and spend some of our energy trying to find a place to park, and find a place to stay for the night, sounded like heaven.

So after I dragged Sue around Cork for a shopping excursion, we hopped in our car, and hit the road. We drove about 5 hours, and we went through 5 different counties. We drove from County Cork to County Tipperary to County Kilkenny to County Carlow back into County Kilkenny and finally into Cunty Wicklow. Phew!

We drove through Mitchelstown (which one the "tidy town award" in 2005) to the town of Cashel, where we explored the Rock of Cashel, a huge castle and cathedral that was built in the 1200s. From there, we drove through Kilkenny and into the most gorgeous horse country of Carlow. After Carlow, we left the main roads, and had many adventures finding ourselves in towns that weren't on the map, looking at sign posts with directions pointing to other towns that weren't on the map. With a little green luck, we made our way into the Wicklow mountain region to a town called Laraugh.

As soon as we arrived at this cute Glendale B&B yesterday, there was an audible sigh from the both of us, and we felt pretty at home and relaxed!! This was it! : )

At breakfast this morning, we listened to the weather report. The announcer started off by saying "We haven't had much rain in..." Sue and I looked at each other in disbelief. What? It's been raining pretty much the whole time we've been here!!
Then he finished the sentence off by saying "... in the last 3 hours."

HAHA! That's called making the most of the little things in life. Indeed. : )


At 7:41 AM, Anonymous cb said...

You guys make it awfully difficult to come into county cube everyday.

Air Canada?
When's the next flight out?

At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thai food and Singa beer? What is going on??? I was going to totally mock and ridicule your epicurean ways but then I remembered that I couldn't bear the thought of any more Chinese food and so I had a Big Mac Super Meal for dinner tonight! Ha ha - at least you guys got beer with yours! Hope that some sunshine shines down on you both soon!

At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is absolutely fabulous. I have really enjoyed reading about your travels so far. Don't stop! :)

Your descriptions are so vivid, I feel like I'm right there with you. Wow. Well written and well done, ladies. :)

Safe travels and lots of fun,



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