Saturday, May 20, 2006

Poetry from the Road

Sue and I have had many moments along this journey that captivate us. We seem to be inspired by nature. There must be something that we see in the rocky edges of a mountain side, the meandering path of a river, the way a waterfall bursts from the lush greenery, that stirs our souls, and inspires us to pause. We often instinctively pull the car over to a safe spot along a narrow road to stop. And pause. To look around. To capture the surroundings with all of our senses. Take it all in. To feel it.

To me, this is life. Being in nature. Experiencing the sunshine. Feeling the wind whipping against my face. Hearing the ocean. Being amongst the boulders of the mountains that have stood as sentries for the Ages. This what it is all about. I feel so connected to the Earth. It reminds me of what is important to me - it brings me back to the simple things in life - the wide open, free spaces, fresh air, light, and our connection to the Earth. When I stand on the top of a hillside, and I fling my arms wide open, I feel so grateful for all the beauty and happiness in my life. I am so lucky - my life is so full and so rich.

And it's in these moments that I am reminded of everything that I have. And it's often during these times that I feel like my heart is overflowing. One way that I often rely on to express my feelings is to write poetry. I thought I would share with you one that I wrote when Sue and I were on a beach in Achill Sound, Co. Mayo. I hope you enjoy it.

slick black bodies
waiting for the gush of white
silouhetted against the sun
crashing against the current
opening themselves to the ocean

-- lml May 13, 06


At 8:45 PM, Blogger CC in Sunny CA said...

Lala, thanks for sharing one of your beautiful poems with us as we follow you and Sue along your journeys of green. :)

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Sam said...

What a lovely poem L. You write so well, I feel as though I can see everything you are seeing. Big hug to you & enjoy the rest of your trip.

At 5:37 AM, Anonymous Hotels Ireland said...

Wow! very sweet thanks for sharing this "poetry form the Road"


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