Sunday, June 04, 2006

Reminiscing about driving in Ireland

Driving was probably one of the biggest adventures that Sue and I had along our travels in Ireland. The roads were twisty turny, crazy, scary, unbelievably narrow, treacherous, and fun. And the signs that we saw along the way provided hours of entertainment.

100 km/h? Are you kidding me? That's the speed limit for our national highways. Sure, I'll just take this narrow bridge, with no room for another person, let alone another car, at a cruising speed of a 100. That's grand!

We couldn't figure out what this sign was for. "Warning: Cars diving into the water." Um, ok. Maybe if the sign was the color red and had a line slashing through the picture, it would make more sense?

Careful, that's not a soft shoulder. ; )

Apparently there are no gentle, winding roads in Ireland. Who needed exercise? Those jagged edges kept my heart rate racing.

Of course we had to see one of these!! We never did find a pot o' gold, though. I guess it means we'll have to go back. : )